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March 26 2017

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Beauty and the Beast (2017)

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Zawsze odchodził, kiedy czuł się niezręcznie i się nie przywiązywał, a jak na złość inni przywiązywali się do niego.
Chciał być sam, bo lubił, a jednocześnie potrzebował kogoś, z kim by mógł tak milczeć i się szwendać.
Odchodził, a i tak wracał.
— o Włóczykiju
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(photo by bowlerhatbear)

go with him

he wants to show you something

he has a side quest for you

this is how people get taken by the fae

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Peanuts, November 1, 1950

A real ride or die.

She went for his life. She went for his God damn family Seven Generations down. She went hard.

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Tears fill my eyes as I read the words on my screen. The world seems to stop spinning for the slightest second as I re-read the anonymous message over and over again, gripping on to the hope that the words will magically disappear. But they didn’t. Anon had done it; they’d figured out that the only way to make me take off my hijab was to call my hair ugly. My one weakness.

A tear streams down my left cheek.

Eight years of academy hijab training…wasted. I had to prove this extremely relevant and good-looking anonymous person wrong, I cared too much about what they thought. How could I live my life knowing that there is one person out there who thinks probably my hair is ugly maybe? How could I look myself in the mirror? How could I face my family? My shoulders shook as I cried silently, and my chair squeaked ever so slightly at the vibrations; as if it, too, was crying in sorrow.

It wasn’t until that moment that the second part of the message dawned on me… how would I prove them wrong without breaking the rules? Was it really against the rules? I reach into my hijab and pull out a scroll. At the very top, in cursive jet-black inked letters, the word ‘Rules’ stares back at me. My heart is racing as my eyes frantically read the scroll.

‘Rule #1: no killing people,’ it reads. I let out a whimper. There go my evening plans. 

Suddenly, my eye catches the next words. The scroll is rustling in my trembling hands as I turn my face away, tears spraying out of my eyes like the spit of a white person as they try to justify racism. The cursive words felt more like a curse of words, vivid and refusing to disappear as if I were still staring at them even through my closed eyes.

Rule #2: don’t show ur hair girl it’s ugly lmaooooo

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See Tim Roth as Vincent van Gogh in Robert Altman’s Vincent and Theo, tomorrow and Saturday.  

[Vincent and Theo. 1990. USA. Directed by Robert Altman. Courtesy MGM Studios/Park Circus]

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 Frida Kahlo after an operation, 1946 (via)

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